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Acid Reflux Surgery

About acid reflux surgery

The first step to treating acid reflux begins with a discussion between you and your doctor. While medication can effectively treat the symptoms for most patients, it won’t resolve the underlying cause of acid backing up from the stomach. When acid reflux symptoms cannot be resolved by medication, surgery, on the other hand, can repair the defects or abnormalities that lead to the problem. Evidence suggests that it may actually restore normal function to the barrier between the stomach and the food pipe (esophagus), which normally prevents acid from backing up. Surgery may also improve other acid reflux related illness, such as asthma.73, 59

How acid reflux surgery is performed

Acid reflux surgery repairs the physical problems, such as a defective lower esophageal sphincter and/or a hiatal hernia that is the root cause of the condition. During the procedure, the surgeon wraps the top part of the stomach, called the fundus, around the esophagus. This works to strengthen the barrier that keeps stomach acid and other digested food from splashing, or “refluxing,” back up into the pipe. If a hiatal hernia is present, it can be repaired as well.

For more than 50 years, acid reflux surgery has been performed using traditional “open” procedures, which require large incisions.

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