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About tonsillectomy

While the removal of tonsils (tonsillectomy) is a long-standing procedure, today there are more advanced options for conducting the surgery. The different instruments now available to your surgeon can ultimately affect the amount of pain experienced after the operation and the speed of recovery.

Included among the various instruments that can be used to perform a tonsillectomy are:

Steel scalpel – a traditional knife blade used to excise the tonsil tissue.

Electrosurgery – a traditional device that uses electrical energy to burn (or cauterize) the tonsil tissue to reduce blood loss. The extreme heat generated by electrocautery can damage the surrounding healthy tissue

HARMONIC® Technology – a technique that utilizes high-speed vibration to incise soft tissue. This may result in less bleeding30 during the operation. In fact, using these devices may improve the overall recovery experience, which is even more important when it comes to treating kids. And not only have HARMONIC® Devices been shown to reduce bleeding, they have been shown to reduce readmissions due to bleeding and infection30 after the surgery. In the end, this all helps patients return to their normal life sooner5 and kids to go back to being kids faster.

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