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Your appendix is a narrow tube-shaped structure attached to your large intestine. Considered to be a non-vital organ in humans, you can live a normal, healthy life without it. However, if your appendix gets infected or inflamed (a condition called appendicitis), it becomes a dangerous condition. An inflamed appendix can break open or leak, causing a serious infection in your abdomen. And if it's not properly treated, it can become very serious.

Standard treatment for appendicitis

Most often, the surgical removal of the appendix is recommended, usually within one to three days after you develop symptoms.

As is true with any surgery, you should know about the different options available for how the procedure can be performed. For example, there is an “open” traditional method (which requires a large incision), as well as a minimally invasive approach (with smaller incisions), which may positively impact your recovery, reducing scarring and pain as well as lower your risk of complications.

Click here to learn more about minimally invasive appendectomy.

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