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Ventral hernia

A ventral hernia is a tear in the wall around the abdomen, sometimes caused by a weakening of the tissue from a previous surgery. As the tear gets larger, a bulge may develop below the skin.

If left untreated, parts of the abdomen may become stuck or twisted in the hernia, causing problems with digestion or other organ functions and can be a surgical emergency. This can lead to other health problems and make closing the hernia more difficult.90

Standard treatment of a ventral hernia

As with any abdominal problem you are having, it's important to talk to your doctor about your symptoms. A ventral hernia is usually repaired surgically.

If your doctor has recommended surgery, it's important to gather as much information as you can about the procedure. How your surgeon actually performs the surgery can dramatically impact your recovery period and pain after the operation. There are two different approaches to consider: One is a traditional “open” method (which requires a large incision), and the other is a minimally invasive procedure (with smaller incisions) that may reduce pain, scarring, and the risk of complications.

Click here to learn more about minimally invasive ventral hernia repair.

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